Touch brick


iMemoryMatch! is a challenging game. And help train the mind as well.To play, you must race against time. By matching the blocks to complete all 14 pairs, otherwise the mission is considered failed. The level of each image type will be increasingly difficult.


Touch Brick in large puzzle that you would better familiarity. Which is designed to play and easy cleaning to suit players of all ages. The goal of the game is to rearrange the order of the square block that is marked with numbers or pictures on each block. Functions of the players is to move the block 15 to block all Sort 1,2,3 ,..., 15. or more to complete the picture. And must try to do the mission time to a minimum. 

Now Support competitive play via bluetooth.


Angle Meter Pro

This is cool app that allows you to measure tilt angle or measure the slope.That the angle measurement with high accuracy.